The beginnings of Sanchez as Dj action date back to the beginning of the 1990s. Feeling attracted by such extraordinary discipline of the HipHop, decides to enter fully into the learning and development of turntablistic techniques, mixing and any art related to vinyl.

Acción Sánchez | Dj - Hip Hop Producer - Beatmaker - SFDK | Photo by Ángel Bernabéu

This handling and skill in the dishes, takes him in 1994, to be part of the SFDK group even his group today. As DJ and producer. His works as a DJ are numerous, several mixtapes like “Terror en la Ciudad” or “Hiphop Classics” with several volumes are the best known Action Sánchez, together with Jefe de la M has released 4 battle albums “Kung Fu Breaks”, “Funky Breaks”, “Cinema Breaks” and “Manual Breaks ” and next to dj and producer Hazhe, ”Monkie Breaks”, being the best selling vinyl records in Spain with about 10,000 copies among the 5.


As Dj has collaborations in more than 200 tracks between models, albums and maxis of a large number of Hiphop artists in Spain. As a session DJ he has traveled throughout the Spanish geography in addition to different cities in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, England, Portugal … being one of the most requested Djs by many clubs and venues. Originally its beginnings like dj of sesion, were based mainly on hiphop music, although with the years and due to its restlessness as dj, decides to open up to other styles, such as reggae, dancehall, pop, rock, funk, soul, edm, trap, house, 80, s, reggeton …… Conforming to the demand of the public depending on the local and the type of party.


In 2000 he expanded his field of work and began his career as a producer becoming one of the most sought after beatmakers, having worked with renowned artists such as Tote King, Nach, RapsusKlei, Dogma Crew, DuoKie, Juaninacka, El Limite, Ose, Juan Profundo, Putolargo, Legendario, Triple XXX, Jefe de la M, La Excepcion, … among many others. Has also composed themes for television tunes and documentaries. His collaborations as a producer are counted by hundreds, not counting those of his sfdk group.


In 2011, he released his first album as a producer in the SFDK project “Lista de Invitados”, a work entirely produced by Acción Sánchez, in which a great variety of Mc’s from the Spanish scene and an international one collaborate.


Sanchez continues to be one of the DJs and producers, with more renown in the hiphop scene of Spain and continues with his successful career in his SFDK band.

In 2016 publish with Hazhe the 2nd. Edition of “Meid in Espein Vol.2”